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A Press Release to Impress One and All

Whoever thought writing Press Releases is the thing of the past wasn’t thinking far ahead into the future. It is far from it. A Press Release that is keyword-optimized, contains factual and informative bits, and contains overall newsworthy content can generate hype and interest in the readers, and gain much-needed media coverage. A PR done from SERP Bulls can benefit your brand in more than one way as well as amplify your SEO efforts manifold. So if there is big event that your company is hosting, a new product or service launch, we can help you or brand gain recognition swiftly.

High Quality PR to PR Your Way Through

Hear us out. PR stands for Press Release, yes, but it also stands for Public Relations. And to be fair, both are kind of interlinked, or shall we say, one derived from the other. A strategically, well-written Press Release carries an inherent potential to do your brand’s bidding in the market on your behalf. The key to a successful PR campaign is to do it when either there is something good brewing up or something substantial has been achieved. In short, if you have something newsworthy to share to the world that is just the right time to circulate a PR to help your brand gain traction.

Attract Media Attention and Search Engines’ Eyeballs

That’s right; media attention as well a fair bit of tending to by the search engines including Google. The Press Release that pens from the thought of our very talented writers has an innate ability to generate buzz and attract attention of some of the top media houses and news outlets. But a PR from SERP Bulls goes a step ahead; it attracts Google’s attention too because it is SEO-optimized from the very outset with powerful High DA Web2.0 Backlinks and Naked URL. So when the search engines get a whiff of the quality and the news at play along with the links, it is all uphill from here.

Powerful Social Media Signals to Social Buzz

It’s true that not all PRs gain momentum in the social media circles; only those that have something valuable to share with the world and are neatly written end up sparking curiosity and emotions. Each PR is not only professionally written by our team of writers with the core thought or news in place but is also shared across multiple social media platforms by our SEO experts to help it reach far and wide. To help bring your brand and website the exposure it needs and deserves, along with quality SERP traffic to boost your SERP rankings. We go all out in providing a comprehensive service.

Why Choose SERP Bulls’ Press Release?

A well-written piece of content is NOT a Press Release. It has to be a whole lot more than that. A good PR contains something newsworthy that can propel your marketing efforts in the right direction. It also needs to be optimized for search engines to flame the fire and help spread it. But more importantly, it needs to be shared with the right people in the right places to maximize its positive effect on the brand and related efforts. We understand just what you are looking for and have got the right people, in-house and outside, to help you with a successful PR campaign.

Unleash the Power of Our Press Release

Premium Press Release
Authority content of 450-550 words will be written
Detailed Report of 300 live links
Pre-Approval of the draft before submission
TAT 10 Business Days

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